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The System Monitor utility is the main tool used to monitor system performance.

System Monitor can track various processes on the Windows system in real time.

Windows 2000 DNS can also upgrade or coexist with Windows NT 4.0 DNS servers. You should create both zone types for a proper DNS implementation for your Active Directory namespace — that is, a forward lookup zone and a reverse lookup zone.

For the exam, you should know how to configure DNS for Active Directory.

Network Monitor shipped with Windows Server 2003 allow you to monitor network activity and use the gathered information to manage and optimize traffic, identify unnecessary protocols, and to detect problems with network applications and services. Click Next to continue when the New Zone wizard appears. Ensure that Standard Primary is selected and click Next. Ensure that Reverse Lookup Zone is selected and click Next. Ensure that Network ID is selected, type your network ID in the Network ID field, and click Next. Select Create a New File With This File Name and click Next. You should now configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating so that you do not get stuck creating all the records required for Active Directory yourself! Remember that the Internet (or any network for that matter) works by allocating every point (host, server, router, interface etc.) a physical IP address (which may be locally unique or globally unique).), I've been trying to convince the higher-ups that investing in an IDS would be good for business, but it's like having a debate with a banana. For more information, see Help and Support Center at 0008: 00 00 00 00 03 31 37 38 .....178 0010: 03 32 31 32 03 31 33 32 .212.132 0018: 03 32 30 36 07 49 4e 2d .206. Event Type: Information Event Source: DNS Event Category: None Event ID: 5504 Date: 5/4/2013 Time: AM User: N/A Computer: XXXXX Description: The DNS server encountered an invalid domain name in a packet from