Accommodating style of conflict

These are unproductive interactions and it is best to remove yourself from them.

Check out the next section on Handling Difficult People for some tips.

If you scored High: • Do you feel that your own ideas and concerns are not getting the attention they deserve?

(Deferring too much to the concerns of others can deprive you of influence, respect and recognition.

Here, the focus is on achieving one’s goals and needs without regard for the effects that having these goals and needs met will have on his relationship with others.

The competing style of conflict management can be observed in situations where one seeks to come out the winner in a situation at all costs, or it may also mean fighting for what one believes in.

6)Provide your expectations for the development of the project management field aided by modern technologies.• To build up social credits for later issues which are important to you.• When continued competition would only damage your cause - when you are outmatched and losing.Collaborating Style of Conflict Management The collaborating style of conflict management meanwhile explores the issues of both parties exhaustively in order to find an agreeable solution for everyone involved.The key element here is that each party collaborates with the other to resolve the conflict.