Granny for young dating

But you know what grannie panties have that sexy underwear doesn’t – comfort.

Granny panties are the most comfiest underwear you can wear.

If you're ever after a bit of dating advice, you could do worse than to ask a grandparent - they've usually been through it all by their age.

One sage 94-year-old, Eileen, had some particularly succinct advice for her granddaughter Katie O’Connor.

and her 75-year-old Grandmother Gail's forays into J-Date.

But if he offers, as a gentleman does, you say “Thank you, that’s lovely. What are your thoughts on posting topless or bikini pics on your dating profile? We would go to a dance to meet guys, that was how you hooked up back then. I went to many dances at the Mc Alpin Hotel, it was near Broadway. I’d say, “Boy, you have a lot of responsibility, you better act accordingly.” You have to remember when I was 26 years-old I had a six year-old child and I had already started an affair. You’re asking a pointed question, I’m giving an honest answer.Bill Clinton is very smart, he’s a little young for me though. We weren’t telling our friends if we slept with someone the night before and exactly what we were doing in that encounter.NY-based writer Kayli Stollak knows a thing or two about wingmen, she wrote a damn book about it! Justin Bieber is a silly kid and Pattinson I don’t know much about nor do I care to. Definitely not Miley Cyrus, I think she needs to do some serious growing up, she’s getting older, it’s time for her to mature a little and put some clothes on. Unless of course you have no interest in dancing with him because you know immediately you have no interest in spending the evening with him. Blah blah blah.” You know, something to send him on his way. Intimacy in my generation was kept very quiet, girls didn’t even share sex details with their other girlfriends in most cases.But here’s the rub, her grandmother is her wingman! If you could go on a date with one movie star, alive or dead, who would it be and why? Which I guess actually makes the experience more intimate.