Updating delta dental fees

Benefits under all programs are governed by the provisions of Delta Dental’s contracts.

Dentistry has often been called a recession-proof business, and it's easy to understand how it gained that reputation.

Each year, dental insurance companies lower their reimbursement rates, forcing many doctors to cram their schedules to the breaking point, turning over patients at a rapidly increasing clip.

Delta Dental is a nonprofit, group dental benefit administrator.

For your convenience, we also accept payments made with your Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Care Credit pt financing.

The following is a list of insurances that we participate with.

For more than 50 years, Delta Dental has helped remove financial barriers to oral health services for more Americans than any other dental benefits carrier.

We educate and empower people to take responsibility for their oral health.

A dental fee schedule is like a price list for each type of dental work you may want to have done.

Delta Dental offers great service and support, fast and accurate payments, and a means of retaining current patients and attracting new patients into your practice.

And you receive the Delta Dental check at your office, which reduces your collections efforts.

Participation in this program offers dentists opportunities to attract new patients to their practice and ensures direct payment to the dentist by all Delta Dental member companies. Delta Dental pays participating dentists directly for each covered service rendered based on the lesser of the submitted fee or the fee published in Delta Dental’s PPO fee schedule, rather than a monthly dollar amount.

Patients eligible for benefits can receive care from any dentist they choose, but they can lower their out-of-pocket costs by choosing a Delta Dental PPO participating dentist.