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: Rambling Willie took the opening night feature in 3, and would be the first of many great racehorses who would leave their "hoofprints" on the East Rutherford oval.Ray Remmen won the very first race with Quick Baron and would later establish himself as the top trainer through the first two decades at the Meadowlands.Through a fund in his name with the Calgary Foundation, Louis offers educational scholarships for students in financial need.He also provides art on loan to community hospitals and charities.

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He is the son of Zane Willis and used to work for the Other Side as a training officer. Brett Willis is the son of Zane Willis, who trained his son for his revenge on Craig Cooper and Kira Cooper from their passed life, his former friend turned enemy and his former crush. "When you've got what appear to be credible threats, it just makes you uncomfortable." Wilson says he and his family had planned to arrive in Sochi in Feb.18 and spend six days watching the Olympic Winter Games.However, the potential for an attack en route to Sochi and an overall lack of comfort with security at the event led to their decision to cancel the trip."It was a buildup over time of uncertainty," he said.