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Even within his lifetime (1904-1991), he collaborated on or simply authorised more than half a century's worth of movies: from the moment in 1934 that his "entertainment" Stamboul Train became Orient Express – as he had, rather cynically, hoped - to the poignant swansong that, in 1985, Dr Fischer of Geneva gave to James Mason in his final role.

Match pioneered online dating when it launched on the web and continues to lead this exciting and evolving category after more than fifteen years.

As such, it feels like the right time to start our Facebook page, somewhere where we can keep you up to date on all the latest offers and news! Read more → One of the glorious things about online dating is that it opens up the world of dating to anyone.

You don’t need to stand at a bar and try to catch someone’s eye or try to bump into a crush on the street.

There are the serial daters, ones who have so many dates wedged into their busy social calendar that they don’t have time to think about how the dates actually made them feel before rolling onto the next one.…

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Dating direct affinity co uk signup landing