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BDSM communities exist OL, IRL, and in Abu-Ghraib prison.

Plassat is not some pious goody-goody with a death wish and no battle plan.

Like any good operative, he drinks and smokes and swears.

Then there's the bullshit about safety and sanity, with stupid fat bitches who scream abuse when normal men tell them that in fact the dress they were wearing doesn't make them look fat --their FAT FUCKING ASS makes them look fat.

There is of course the male equivalent of the female fatty, and he's usually too busy whining about the fact that no-one cares about his intelligence, whilst munching down on his tenth packet of pop tarts of the day jerking off to BDSM furporn.

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BDSM also known as Slavery 2.0 and Consensual Rape is an acronym that stands for B&D (bondage & discipline), D/s (Dominant/submissive), and S&M (sadism & masochism).Pain is a part of most bondage as the positions are uncomfortable.Like tuberculosis and landlines, slavery seems very much a throwback to another century.These words are taken seriously by millions of people that engage in the lifestyle around the world. To learn more about safety look at this website and others Folks, B. In fact, it is not what the BDSM lifestyle is about. Torture to obtain submission or holding someone against their will, has no place in the lifestyle and is also a violation of law. is an acronym for: Behav­ior: Emo­tions: Self-Image: Thoughts: The­ory of B. Even if her basic personality is that of a submissive that does not mean she wants the bdsm lifestyle.Modern day consensual Master/slave relationships are about a submissive agreeing to be trained to serve her Master. It takes both personality and a desire to be in the bdsm lifestyle.