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As “faith-based” films flooded into theaters last year, writers fell over themselves to declare 2014 the “year of the Bible movie.” It seemed as if the market—meaning Christian audiences to many—had finally come into its own, a decade after the runaway box-office success of .Certainly, movies that reinforce beliefs their target audience already hold can make a lot of money, from political documentaries directed by Michael Moore or Dinesh D’Souza to films titled with declarations of religious certainty. I watched the “year of the Bible film” happen from the inside, as the chief film critic at one of the oldest and most widely read evangelical publications in the world, .At first glance, it seems that the way we get things we want from God is to stop seeking them and just seek him. Matthew states “seek first the kingdom of God.” It doesn’t say to stop seeking the things you want and need.In this context, Jesus is talking about material things like food and clothing.

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has great instant messenger and live video Pass Christian chat service for our’s been a lot said to Christian singles who desire to find a spouse.“Just pray about it.” “Just serve Jesus and he’ll take care of it.” “Stop desiring to be married and then God will bless you with a Christian spouse.” “Just get on a Christian dating site already and stop talking to me about this all the time!My heart was broken; a man that I cared deeply for had rejected me in a deeply personal and painful way.Anger, hurt, confusion, and an aching sadness filled my heart.