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This rich and tumultuous past greatly influences contemporary lifestyle, the Greek perspective on the world, Greek music, food, customs and traditions, even the way Greeks do business.Greeks as a whole are extremely proud of their history, their cultural heritage and their contribution to literature, art, philosophy and politics.They travel down, one by one, from December 12th till Christmas Eve to bring children small gifts. The Icelandic diet is one of the healthiest in the world, mainly due to the island’s abundant fish and seafood from its pure, clean shorelines and rivers.As well as the usual salmon and trout, eating fermented shark (Hákarl) and fish jerky (Harðfiskur) are part of the Icelandic culture and history. In the past, inhabitants had to be creative with food sources and ensure nothing went to waste due to the island’s isolation and lack of diverse food sources. Passed down orally through the tenth and eleventh centuries, the Sagas were committed to paper in the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries and chronical Old Norse history, religion and thought. During feast days, you are supposed to go to Mass and not go to work. Every Sunday is a feast day and there are many more throughout the year.Eternal sunshine, volcanic baths and frozen landscapes, Iceland is a captivating and other-worldly place.

In 1974, democratic elections and a referendum created a parliamentary republic and abolished the monarchy.

Today, Icelanders and tourists from around the world still flock to the country’s , such as the beautiful Blue Lagoon and Mývatn Nature Baths, for a warm and soothing haven from the crisp Icelandic air.

Not only is this a blissfully relaxing experience, but the springs’ high levels of silicates and minerals are The Christmas holidays are rich in Icelandic customs and traditions, making it an enchanting time to visit Iceland.

In August 1974 Greek forces withdrew from the integrated military structure of NATO in protest against the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. In 1981, Greece joined the EC (now the EU) and became the 12th member of the Eurozone in 2001.

It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.